1. Update device list by clicking on the first button. You should see a list of all your current audio devices/inputs listed. If you do not see your devices listed, please alert me.
  2. Select an audio input from your device list. Be sure to select one you can route audio into easily
  3. Start the audio stream by clicking the second button. Please wear headphones to avoid causing a feedback loop. This will play the audio directly from the selected source.
  4. If you hear the correct input sound, that is great! Please take note of this.
  5. Stop the audio stream by clicking the third button.
  6. Select a new audio input from your device list.
  7. Retry steps 3 through 5 with as many inputs as you can easily run audio signals through. Take note of any audio inputs that are UNABLE to play the audio signal from that input.
  8. When you have done this with as many inputs as you'd like, please send me all the info you logged as well as what your audio interface was, what operating system you are running, and what browser you did this test in.

Troubleshooting tip: I don't believe this will work AT ALL in internet explorer. Chrome is best if possible and Firefox is second best. Safari will probably work but gives me less valuable info.